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Thermaltake CL-G0003 Fanless VGA Cooler

VGA Cooler
21st April 2005
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Few PC trends have swung from one extreme to the other in quite the way air cooling has. Just a few short years ago it seemed noise from cooling fans wasn't just tolerated, it was positively encouraged. Heat sink assemblies designed to take multiple fans were selling well, and the fact that some retailers were selling them pre-installed with dual high speed 80mm fans installed and a resultant noise level that genuinely warranted the wearing of ear defenders did little to dent sales.

Luckily the trend didn't last, and slowly but surely users began to demand ever quieter systems. 60mm fans were replaced by lower noise 80m fans, and in some cases 90 or 120mm fans. Water cooling moved from a niche persuit to a more accepted, if still slightly exclusive practise, and all manner of noise deadening kits and thermal control systems sprung up from vendors worldwide.

Of course there is a method of cooling that's quieter than even the largest of fans. It's quiter than water cooling too. Passive cooling relies on large surface areas to radiate heat and as such are totally, completely and utterly silent.

Of course if we work on the premise that there's no such thing as a free lunch, we have to assume that all the peace and quiet you gain comes at the expense of higher temperatures. Only one way to find out!

Thermaltake claim their CL-G0003 VGA cooler is a high performance option that requires no additional cooling fans to keep it on course. I wanted to see if they were right.

The specs:

High performance fanless GPU cooler, 0dB cooling solution, reduce total system noise
No cooling fan is required, stay cool without suffering the fan noise
Much better heat dissipation is delivered by larger heat sink surface
Heatpipe technology makes the heat
transporting efficiently
Universal clip for both nVIDIA and Ati


Detail Specifications
For video card with mounting
holes on the PCB only
Gold-plated copper tube
(5mm dia.) x 2




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