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VisionTek Xtasy Radeon X800XT

Graphics Card
10th November 2004
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So… progress marches forward and Moore's law holds true. There have been leaps and bounds made in virtually all aspects of PC components from CPU architecture to RAM speeds and timings. This time, however, graphics cards have made quite a giant leap forward. New architectures allow huge performance boosts with very little increase in clock speeds. Doubling up on pipelines and introducing new shader engines has proven successful on both fronts (ATi and nVidia). As gamers and enthusiasts we get to reap the benefits of this battle for the graphics crown.

For the past few weeks I have had the pleasure of playing around with one of the top-dog cards out today, ATi’s own X800 XT as realized by VisionTek. The only problem is that the best competition that I had here in the 3DV dungeon was an FX5900. Running the two head to head was a little like putting Mike Tyson in the ring with Pee-Wee Herman or Carrot Top. While it was an amusing battle, you just knew from the time the bell rang, that the little guy was going to get the crap kicked out of him, but you just have to watch.

The card arrived here without consequence, and I must give VisionTek respect for assuming the minimalist perspective in their package design. A sturdy corrugated frame protects the fragile card, which is enclosed in a thin cardboard box. This one didn’t fill my recycling bin as I have had happen in the past. Everything is sturdy enough to withstand a cross-country trip in the UPS system which is the most important factor anyway.

The front of the box sports a chaingun-toting mech.


Inside, a sturdy cardboard "nest" for the fragile bits.

Their minimalist perspective also shows in the bundle… while everything is there to get you up and running, there is nothing extra to showcase your new toy. What you do get is enough cables to use all of the features (this is a VIVO card afterall), a DVI to VGA adapter and a CD with drivers and Powerstrip for overclocking, as well as a few tech demos. Like I said, everything to get you up and running, but nothing special.

The bundle consists of a brief manual, a driver CD and all necessary cabling

Lets get familiar with the card itself...

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