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WACOM Graphire Bluetooth Tablet

Graphics Card
27th July 2005
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A Closer Look:::...

Normally here I flash up a picture of the box but this time you'll have to settle for the small image at the top of the page. The reason for this is that box the review sample arrived in had obviously had a hard life and was, to put it diplomatically, not at its best.

Bundled Items


Fortunately the contents of the box were in a much healthier condition and below you can see the three primary components, the tablet, the mouse and the pen.

The mouse functions using the same principles as the pen and as such you can only use it on top of the tablet.

Both the mouse and pen can be set to function in either pen mode, meaning the position of the cursor on your screen will always be the same as the position of your pen or mouse on the tablet (known as absolute positioning), or in mouse mode which works much as your traditional mouse does, where your hand movement is translated to the cursor, but where there positions aren't in any way dependant on each other (known as relative positioning). So, for example, the mouse or pen could, in theory be over on the left side of your tablet while the cursor is positioned on the right hand side of your screen.

From now on I'll refer only to the pen when referring to features and usage, although unless stated otherwise the same is true of the mouse also.

Although you'd expect pen mode to be the most intuitive in that if you place your pen in the top left corner of the tablet your cursor positions itself identically in the top left of your screen, it's actually the mode I had the most difficulty getting used to when I first used a graphics tablet.

As you'd imagine, pen mode generally means much more physical hand movement to cover the entire screen because you hand has to cover the entire active area of the tablet, while in mouse mode you can lift and reposition the pen

Bundled Items

The whole metallic blue/gray look works well, and the whole design hangs together rather nicely. I can see some value in bundling a small gel wrist pad or covering the lower surface in a softer material (faux leather perhaps, a-la Microsoft's recent keyboard).


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