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          Asetek WaterChill Water Cooling Kit

Product :

CPU/VGA/CoreLogic Water Cooling Kit

Manufacturer :


Reviewed by :

Wayne Brooker

Price :

£175.79 + VAT

Date :

November 3rd, 2003.


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Although I've tinkered with setting up water cooling for other people's systems on lots of occasions I have to be honest here and admit that so far as my own system is concerned I'm pretty much an H2O virgin. The reasons for my not having adopted water cooling before now have nothing to do with me not realising the benefits, there's no doubt at all that a properly configured system is quieter and more efficient than air, it was more to do with the fact that even the most lovingly assembled parts installed with all the care in the world can, if you're unlucky, fail, leak, split or corrode and unlike air you rarely get a second chance when water and electronics get too friendly. That's always assuming you remembered to switch the pump on in the first place of course!

So what made me decide to bother with this particular kit from alternative cooling connoisseurs Asetek? Well, in addition to addressing some the causes for my concerns head on, it's also very compact, easy to assemble and looks great, and that alone stands it apart from many of the kits and components currently available on the market.

The kit we're trying out today is their all inclusive KT12 Plug and Chill kit which comes with all the parts you require to cool your CPU, North Bridge and GPU on a single circuit. Before we press on with the review though, here's what Asetek themselves have to say about it.

High end water-based processor cooling
The WaterChill product line consists of a number of components, which in combination offers the demanding PC end user a state-of-the-art processor cooling system. Utilizing the effective heat transfer capacity of fluid cooling the WaterChill system allows the end user to realize two value objectives normally mutually exclusive: Maximum PC performance AND an extremely low noise level.

Components and Complete Kits
The WaterChill™ product line complies with the highest needs also when it comes to flexibility in application. All the components in the WaterChill™ product line is obtainable as separate components and as complete kits. Also, the WaterChill product program can be easily integrated in the VapoChill® CPU cooling system - as components or complete upgrade kits.  

Enthusiasts & Professional end users
Anyone holding an ambition to exceed the performance and stability levels of standard air-cooled PC systems can get absolute fulfillment by utilizing the world-class WaterChill™ technology.    

Core benefits  
The WaterChill™ product line offers superior value on ALL of the below product characteristics: 

  • Maximum cooling capacity
  • Assembly ease
  • Unmatched price competitiveness
  • Reliability & operational security
  • Broadest possible hardware support 
  • Component superiority & build quality
  • Unique safety & noise control features
  • Complete application flexibility
  • VapoChill® integration opportunities
  • Sharp design & strong visual impact 






About Asetek:::...

You've probably heard the Asetek name before, they're the company behind the effective and popular VapoChill range of vapor phase change coolers. The company was founded back in 1997 which makes it sound like they've only just got going but in PC terms six years is verging on veteran status. To put it in perspective, the Voodoo 2 was still shipping by the barrow load and the Pentium 266 with MMX was setting the standards.




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