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           Xaser III Super Tower

Product :

  Xaser III

Manufacturer :


Reviewed by :

 Shawn Sparks

Price :


Date :

  8th July, 2003


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3D Velocity would like to thank ThermalTake, especially Weller, for generously providing this sample for review


So you went and upgraded to the latest motherboard, CPU and video card. You sported for the best sound card you could find and speakers to match. Everything is top notch and you want to brag to all of your friends and show off the pics in the forum of your favorite tweakers site… but look at that ugly grey box that houses it all, people will laugh.

These days with everyone modding tweaking and showing it all off, it's hard to be cool without some dremel skills or pre fab modifications. Well, as for pre modified cases, I have seen my share and believe me there is a wide range of quality out there. It seems that I have also reviewed them in an ascending order from utter crap to what I have found to be the pinnacle of quality. Yes, I said it… the Xaser III from Thermaltake is the highest quality case I have come across and the attention to detail is unmatched from what I have seen. Let me guide you through why I think that this case will end up with an "Editors Choice" attached to the final score…

First of all… look at it. That is one slick looking case with the red on black anodized aluminum bezel with the cut away for the temperature monitor/fan speed control panel.

Some of the main features of this case are:

  • 100% tool less operation, no screwdriver necessary after the motherboard and PSU are mounted

  • Seven 80mm silent case fans, for optimal circulation

  • Included HardCano 10 for temperature monitoring and 4 fan control knobs

  • Two piece aluminum bezel with hidden drive bays and key lock for security

  • Illuminated front panel with the option to customize the logo

  • External USB and Firewire ports on the top of the case where they are always accessible

  • Side window to show off components

  • Side panel open alarm sensor

Enough of the teasing, it's time to break it down for you...



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