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           Xaser III Super Tower

Product :

  Xaser III

Manufacturer :


Reviewed by :

 Shawn Sparks

Price :


Date :

  8th July, 2003


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First Glance:

I won't fill bandwidth with images of a cardboard box, but I'll tell you that the case came shipped UPS in a box worthy of the contents. The case was wrapped in shrink wrap rather than a giant plastic bag, and there was a solid frame of dense Styrofoam protecting it from harm. Of course, I couldn't wait to tear in and start building a PC.

Once unwrapped, I admired the details one by one from the illuminated bezel to the tool free EVERYTHING. Yes, as you will see this is the most tool free case out there with a clip system for drives as well as PCI cards and thumbscrews all around.

Looking at it from the side shows the uniquely shaped window that shows off your new toys inside. This case begs for lighting and accesories.

The rear shows the classic waffle style grilles for the exhaust fans which do not restrict airflow which also means that they don't make as much noise from air being forced through tiny holes. Also note the thumb screws all around

Let's open the doors and kick the tires before getting to work installing everything...



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