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           XaserIII Lanfire series

Product :

  XaserIII Lanfire VM2000

Manufacturer :


Reviewed by :

  Shawn Sparks

Price :


Date :

  15th March 2004


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3D Velocity would like to thank Thermaltake, especially Weller for providing this sample for review

Thermaltake has been making their mark on the world of pre-modded cases. We loved their XaserIII, it was big, roomy, feature rich… and heavy! This time they swing to the other end of the spectrum by trimming the fat a bit and streamlining a few features as well as dropping a couple of pounds. This case is dedicated to the LAN gamer out there by offering all aluminum construction which has it weighing in at 4 kilos (or 8.8 pounds) so you won’t bust a hernia lugging it around. But what else does this case have to offer in order to set it apart from the pack? Did dropping features for the sake of size and weight bring the legacy down? Read on to find out…

The box has images of what’s inside with full descriptions of the features. No sense of mystery here. Then again, it’s only a box, it's what's inside that counts... let's tear in and see...

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