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3DVelocity's Athlon XP 1800+ review

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Hitting Them Where It Hertz...
Author : Martyn Date : 5th Jan '02
3DVelocity wish to thank AMD and especially Theresa Zimmer for providing this CPU for review

...ProductAMD Athlon XP 1900+
...Price£240 Approx




Part One: A New Arrival...

When we looked at the amazing 1800+ chip it seemed a little unlikely AMD would release the 1900+ so soon. The chip was performing amazingly well and out paced a 1.9Ghz Pentium 4 in most applications. AMD could well have waited for a good few months yet. However, they didn't. Perhaps in a move that AMD would describe as a final nail in the P4's performance lead coffin, the XP 1900+ is was released. Sooner than expected certainly, but weighing in at a healthy 1.6GHz the latest addition to the XP family is another tempting prospect for the buyer shopping for a new AMD based CPU right now. Another fifty or so megahertz never hurt anyone now did it? Prices may also drop futher on this speedy offering as now we are into the new year the 2000+ is on everyone's lips, our review is coming very soon indeed. For now, lets see what this chip is capable of....

Part Two: Wait! The megahertz issue...

It can still be a little confusing, that much is undeniable. Many questions are still asked everyday about just how the XP based chips perform. Our initial XP to megahertz table didn't include the 1900+ and 2000+. Let's amend that now so everyone is completely clear on the ratings AMD chose to employ.

--Athlon XP--

Model Number
Operating Frequency
Coming Soon... [1.66GHz]


A more extensive look at the technologies behind the XP CPU can be found in our XP1800+ review.
For now let's concentrate on the raw performance. The XP looks great on paper; let's see how it shapes up to the 1800+ chip in page two...


Page Two: Testing Part One