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           Yeong Yang YY-5603 "Mars" Case

Product :

  PC Case

Manufacturer :

  Yeong Yang Technology

Reviewed by :

  Wayne Brooker

Price :

  Waiting for Confirmation

Date :

  25th June 2004.


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Have you looked at the cases in your local PC store recently? beige cases are becoming rarer than sheep's eggs and for some people it's not a moment too soon. Personally I've always been more concerned about ventilation and build quality than I have about cosmetics but hey! if I can have both I will!

Lots of companies have hit the market with highly decorative pre-pimped cases and though not all feature form and function in equal measure, there's probably something for every conceivable taste and deployment out there somewhere.

The case I'm looking over today is from a company that I've had no experience with until now, Yeong Yang. Apparently they're quite well known in certain corners of the world but they're not really a big player in the UK market, not yet at least.

With more than a couple of proposed tricks up its sleeve, we take a closer look at the Yeong Yang "Mars" series case.

The specs:

Case dimension
211mm W x 510mm D x 440mm ( 8.3"W x 20.1"D x 17.3"H )
Motherboard configuration
Micro ATX/ ATX
Drive configuration

10 drive bays :

  • 4 - 5.25" exposed
  • 1 - 3.5" exposed
  • 5 - 3.5"(1") hidden
Optional system cooling fans
2 * 12 cm fans for front-mounted and rear-mounted
Expansion slots and ports
7 slots
Front panel control Power switch, Reset switch, Power LED, HDD LED
USB2.0, Audio, IEEE1394
Recyclable materials; Steel chassis
Flame retardant plastic parts and front bezel(HB)
Designed to meet FCC class B-47 CFR part15/IEC/CISPR 22:1993
Net Weight
7.5kgs without PSU, 8.9kgs with PSU
Power Supply
PFC function available
Standard PS2/ATX Delta 250W/300W/350W
UL, CSA, , CE approved, DoC compliance
2x12cm fans (front & rear mounted)
Intrusion switch , Air Guide
Packing /Shipping 324pcs/20'container , 689pcs/40'container , 776pcs/40'HQ container

As you can see, this is no lightweight LAN case. At 8.9KGs with a PSU bare, you'll not want to be carrying it around any more than you have to.

I'm not covering the packaging as I usually do simply because the supplied carton was of the plain, brown variety and is not, I'm told, what the shipping product will be sold in.




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