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           Zalman USB 5.1 Sound Card

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  Shawn Sparks

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Date :

 20th April, 2004


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Special thanks to Dave at QuietPC USA for arranging this sample for review

Most PC enthusiasts are familiar with Zalman. They make a line of coolers for all chipsets that focus on silence. So, I am wondering what they are doing getting into the business of sound cards. Of course, their heatsinks are of very high quality so I have a reasonable amount of faith, but shaping copper and building circuitry are two different worlds, so I’ll have to give it the old once over and see if Zalman can breakaway from the silence market and do justice to a sound card.

Quiet PC sent this one over for review… thanks guys! After discarding the brown shipping box, we have a clear plastic bubble job that shows the contents well.

Inside, we find the sound card, USB cable, CD and installation manual.

Let's have a little closer look at what you get for $79.95...





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