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           Chaintech Zenith 7NJS

Product :

  Chaintech Zenith 7NJS

Manufacturer :


Reviewed by :

  Shawn Sparks

Price :

  $160.00 USD

Date :

  16th April 2003


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During the huge influx of GeForce4 card makers a while back, one name stepped into the limelight to dominate many of their competitors. They did it by producing high-quality boards, with extra features and large amounts of overclocking headroom, and sold them for a very reasonable price.

I am talking of course about Chaintech.

Once they caught the eyes of the enthusiast crowd with their gilded silicon, they entered the realm of motherboard production. Keeping true to their mission, they impressed us with their Apogee line of motherboards. Feature rich, well made, aesthetically pleasing and affordable, Chaintech put together a formula that seems to have worked.

Well, when you have risen above your competition, who left to dominate than yourself? So Chaintech brainstormed on how to shine like the North Star, and their solution seemed to be another simple formula. Give the PC enthusiast a motherboard based on the most current, multimedia driven chipset available, squeeze every ounce of performance out of it, dress it up with bright PCI slots and gold plated components and let them have it. But then there was another idea… the bundle. Where many companies falter is their bundle, offering very little more than outdated software or limited 'extras'. Chaintech decided to change all of this and offer the most well rounded bundle on the market. And STILL keep the price to a minimum (considering the inclusiveness).

After attending the Amsterdam launch, I was thoroughly impressed, and could not wait to get my sample home and see what she could do. Well, after a few technical difficulties, and a few generous connections, I am finally ready to give you a guided tour of one of the best motherboards on the market.

I feel as though I need to apologise for the use of press kit images in some instances. I had a bit of trouble with my original shots getting corrupted and for lack of time I was only able to reshoot a portion of my own pictures.

Part one: The retail package

The Zenith 7NJS comes in a very sturdy, classy looking box with a clear window in the shape of their logo. I can attest to the durability of the packaging, as it made it back to the States from Amsterdam in my check-in luggage… with a change of plane. The window is a lot tougher than you would think there are three layers of plastic between you and that golden heatsink.

Opening the box feels like a kid walking up to the gates of Disneyland. You know what is inside, and can't wait to jump in and play. But the clever folks at Chaintech crammed so much into this box that it takes a while to peel through the layers. It's almost like an Easter basket, you see the big chocolate bunny on top, but you know that there are plenty of goodies nestled in the plastic grass. Now that I've been hinting at the bundle, I feel obligated to give you a list of the contents of the box:

The Zenith7NJS
CBox2 front panel
A full set (3) 60cm round cables
Driver CD
Valuepak CD
A golden keychain
A case badge
Enough wires to choke a horse

I need to mention again that everything was very well packed, with boxes and cartons nestled inside one another. Opening the package was really a fun experience, almost like a car full of clowns or a fruit basket; every time you think that's it, more stuff comes out of the box. This really left me with a feeling of value, like this was worth every penny





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